Urantia means the Heavenly Abode ! Let us not Spoil it !

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Lovely Photographs of Urantia (Earth) from the Indian Sub-continent !

The Urantia Book tells us that our world earth called Urantia is one of the several million similar worlds in the Grand Universe where intelligent mortals like human beings live. God has created these worlds to develop intelligent personalities with immense potentials and experience to assist and serve him and his creations to sustain his never ending work of creativity. One in every ten of such planets is a life experiment planet with excellent natural wealth for experiencing full potentials of material life. Earth is one such planet. Let us realize this and work to make this planet a better one so long we are here, before migrating to other worlds made by God for experiencing life in other forms and realms.

Here are some good photographs revealing the peace, harmony and love that is inherent in God's creations and reflected here on earth itself ! We are all created by Our Father God with certain creative abilities and potentials, though limited in our individual capacities. Yet, we can add to the natural beauty of our world with our creativity and God expects us to do that. We should work to make our world beautiful and lovely and the work should continue for generations. Imagine the progress of this world when the continuous effort of all of us goes on and on without our egos and destructive tendencies damaging that progress. The Urantia Book tells us that this world is capable of giving enough food and facilities for all the people with each person working an average about 2 hours per day only, provided we work diligently and manage our world's affairs intelligently. The rest of the time is for leisure and enhancing our spiritual and intellectual pursuits ! What we learn here in this material world will be of value when we advance in our lives in our future re-births in the advanced super-material worlds that are waiting for us ahead when our de-materialized personality form would be transported to those worlds after our material life ends here.

We Praise You Father for Giving Us this Earth as Our First World of Life Experience !

"Jnangalhude' Parama Pithavam Daivame !

Avidutthe' Shristikalhaaya Njangalkku, avidutthe shrishtikalhe

snehikkuvanhum ee bhoomiye aviduthe ishtaprakaram

kaatthu sookshikkuvaanum athilkkoodi jeevithathinte


Undakuvaanhum sahaayikkanhame' !"


" Our Supreme Father God !

We, your creations, may please be helped to love all other creations

and preserve this earth in accordance with your liking and gain

life experience through that love."


Oh ! The Majestic Mountains and the Greenery of Urantia My God !

We Love You God for Your Graceous Mercy on Our World Urantia !

Our Heavenly Father God ! We are Your Children and Inheritors of this Magnificent World !

God! Help us to use your gift of Intelligence wisely to preserve the Beauty of Our World!

God, Help us to visualize the hidden love in Your Creations!

All these are Free Gifts from Param Pita, Our Supreme Father God!

Nature Photographs of Kerala By Er Rajan C Mathew FIE, Web Administrator, Urantia-India   2008