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By Er Rajan C Mathew FIE

The word ‘Urantia’ is a term introduced by the authors of the Urantia Book to identify our planet Earth. The Urantia Book is a collection of 196 topical Papers and a Foreword all originally written in English Language. The book in itself is mysterious with regard to its authorship as no human beings are identified or named in these papers as the authors. Instead, each paper and the foreword give a self introduction about the authorship and tell us about their respective identities.


The authors identify themselves as intelligent personalities invisible to human beings of earth as they exist in a living system above the phase of matter and energy as conceivable to human beings. However, they assert that they are very real though not visible to human beings under normal circumstances. They tell us that they belong to various orders of intelligent creations of an Almighty Eternal God who is the First Source and Centre of all non material and material creations of the entire universe which include living beings and non-living things.


The Almighty Eternal God being the First Source and Centre of everything, perhaps existed alone at eternal times before time and space came into existence and He is the source of all types of Power-Energy, Intelligence, Life, Thought Processes and Creativity. Since He is the cause of origin of time-space-matter-energy, His existence is a reality in a phase primordial to these, called the ‘Spirit-realm’.


The superhuman authors of Urantia Book inform us that the Eternal God, who is the First Source and Centre of all, can be considered as the Universal Father of all since everything in the Universe is made in accordance with His plans.  


In accordance with His character and attributes, the Universal Father has caused the creation of two immediate subordinate Intelligent Personalities at eternal times similar to Him but with a certain attribute more predominant than some other, perhaps the first ever delegation of power ever to happen. They are the Second Source and Centre called the Eternal Son and the Third Source and Centre called the Infinite Spirit. 

According to the Urantia Book, God is the First Source and Centre responsible for the creation of everything physical and non-physical (or spiritual), visible and invisible, living and non-living, the space and energy in the universes and He has no beginning or end. He is beyond time and space, Eternal and Infinite. He has no shape or body in the material sense, but is Infinite Spirit Power Personality who is the source of Intelligence and Thought. He affected the Creation of Spirit Powers similar to Him before the Creation of the physical universes and through them He caused the creation of other Spirit Power Personalities responsible for further activities of creation before and after time and space came into existence.


There are many orders of divine personalities, the higher orders being higher in power and perfection. Those orders of being that came into existence before the physical universes were created can be considered as eternal spirit power personalities similar to God, the First Source and Centre.


The Urantia Book reveals the details and the functions of the various orders of divine personalities and acknowledges the existence of other personalities not revealed in the book. Some personalities are single entities while many others came into existence in large but finite numbers and there are many divine orders whose numbers increase as and when need arises.


The names of the divine powers are immaterial and they are known in different names in different languages, but we should be in a position to identify them conceptually by whatever nomenclature we use to identify them. The Book identifies the divine personalities by nomenclature already in use in our languages wherever such concepts exist and identify others by coined nomenclature.


The First three Sources of Divine Powers are equals though functionally different and can be called the Trinity Gods.

The Divine Personalities that constitute the Trinity are:


            The Universal Father - the First Source and Centre and the First Person of Trinity

            The Eternal Son – the Second Source and Centre and the Second Person of Trinity

            The Infinite Spirit- the Third Source and Centre and the Third Person of Trinity


The Trinity Personalities are single entities.

The Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit though three different invisible and intelligent spirit personalities, act in perfect coordination that the three could be considered as One and the Same called the Trinity or Triune God. They further caused the creation of a gigantic elliptical super-material region as their abode identified as ‘the Paradise’ which is a stationary region with a top surface, side surface and a bottom surface with no similar match anywhere. The Paradise has many functions, the prime being the coordination of all gravity forces of the universe.


At eternal times the Paradise Trinity caused the creation of many orders of intelligent spirit personalities for various purposes to aid in the further acts of creation and sustaining those creations. In the creation of these later personalities, called the Paradise Sons of God, the Paradise Trinity acted alone or in coordination with any one or two of the other members of the Trinity. Together they created several specially made super spheres as their abodes called the ‘Havona’ surrounding the Paradise, but separated by great distances and dark energy regions.


Further delegation of power in connection with the creation and sustenance of the evolutionary material universe has been entrusted by the Trinity to the various orders of the Paradise Sons of God. Time and Space came into existence ever since the material creation of the Universe started. Universe space is a dynamic region unlike the Paradise which is stationary and the centre of the Universe.


Matter and energy are essentially the same originating or created from primordial forces with the active design coordination of the intelligent work done by the various orders of the Paradise Sons of God. With regard to the space-energy content, the Universe is administratively characterized as the Grand Universe and Master Universe, which is further divided into Seven Super Universes, each Super Universe subdividing into many local universes. As on the present age [during the time when the information contained in the Urantia Book was presented to mankind by the superhuman personalities some time around 1920-1935 AD] there are nearly 7000 Crores [7 trillion] of spherical planetary worlds with intelligent life more or less similar to human beings of earth are told as already developed and existing. This number is gradually increasing in accordance with the plans of the Universal Father God.

The Foreword and the Papers 1-31 of the Urantia Book tell us in detail about God the First Source and all of his massive Spiritual Administrative set up that intelligently create and maintain the entire visible and invisible universe systems with some insight into the plans and wisdom of God in doing all these. The authors revealing these information identify themselves and the authority on which they reveal the information. They acknowldege the difficulty of presenting truths of enormous dimensions to the limited minds of mortal man and withhold those information which they feel not appropriate to be revealed to us at this stage.

The information is massive and mindbogling. Those who feel the inner urge to seek God should seriously think of reading and understanding this. It would be rewarding. I have no doubts on that..

Interested in knowing what learned men who had spend years in studying this great revelatory knowleged have to say abouth this gift from God to us living in the era of scientific advancements?


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