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[In this page I am giving you a few links which I find useful to those who are spiritually inquisitive to read and get enlightened with various kinds of knowledge . - Er Rajan C Mathew FIE, Site Administrator, Urantia-India]

1. Urantia Book Terminologies

All you wanted to know about the stange and coined words that are unique to the Urantia Book are explained here. A very good reading indeed. Helps in understanding the Urantia Book better.

2. Online Bible

Read the Bible online in many languages and many versions. Compare the versions and the verses. Read Bible commentaries. Learn the history and geography associated with the Bible.

3. Search Bible Related Topics

Use this site to study the Bible with topical searches.

4. Bible Study

A very good online tool to study and understand the Bible

5. Apocrypha

Read those books which are of ancient origin as the books of the Bible, but are not part of the Bible.

6. All Available Translations of the Urantia Book

Use the above link to read or download all available translations of the Urantia Book in various formats absolutely free of cost.

7. Download A Repackaged Urantia Papers for all WIN32 PCs

Click the link above to open the UB download page of the aitnaru site. Click on the geometrical diagram to download the single zip file. Save to your PC and unzip. You get the icon for the entire Urantia Book. Click on the icon to open the Book. Please note that it might take a few seconds after you click to open the book. So be patient. The file size is less than 3 MB and it is useful for all WIN32 type PCs. The advantage of this repacked version is that you can quickly navigate to any paper or part using the links.

8. Coined Words of the Urantia Book (Know More )

For better understanding of how the made up words (coined words) of the Urantia Book could have been derived by the authors have a look on this page of the truthbook site to read the Etymology (history) of Coined Words of the Urantia Book by Mr Cris Halvorson