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The Information in this site is meant for Intellectually and Spiritually starved Individuals !

"Sin is not hereditary, God is not vengeful, and the "devil" has no power to enter your mind or corrupt your soul. Most evil and suffering comes about accidentally, from mistakes of past generations, or from your own wrong choosing. You have the God-given power to improve your life and make the best of your situation." [ The Urantia Book ]

What will you normally do when suddenly and surprisingly you find some great treasure ? Either you yell out to the world about it or keep it as a secret to yourself.

But first of all you should be in a position to realize its value. You should be able to judge its immediate or potential value. There are instances of people throwing away precious stones of great value thinking that they are ordinary stones !

The same is true for treasures of knowledge! We live in an era of knowledge explosion. There are millions and millions of hard and soft pieces of information. It would just be a himalayan task to go through all of these and trying to guage their actual usefulness for our lives.

Yet people are pursuing knowledge treasures just as they pursue material treasures.

I have been a seeker of knowledge for many years. But to be frank, I was rather a confused seeker. I was confused of what to seek.

I had many unanswered questions for which I never got any convincing answers. I even attempted formulating my own theories to explain those things for which I didn't have any convincing answers.

These questions are not limited to me alone. There is a chance that you might also be having such questions.

For example, let me write down some of these questions for which I never had any convincing answers:

1. How and when life originated in this world? Is Darwin's theory of evolution to be believed or is it the Bible story of Adam and Eve to be believed? For me both seemed absurd. Both lacked something which didnot go well with my rational thinking.

2. Is there a God or Unseen Super Power behind the creation of the Universe as what the religionists preach ? They all talk similar things differently, but apparently without conviction. At the same time learned scientists of my era do not talk about super natural personalities officially. Religion and Science seem not to agree on the origin of the universe and the existence of God. There are scientists who are theists and spiritual leaders who are atheists ! But both groups do not wish to pursue their search in a common platform. Science and religion appear to be in different realms. A god who knows chemistry and physics is neither palatable to the scientists nor to the religionists! Why is it so ?

3. Why do religion and worship appeal to most people even when they are not very much convinced about their God or gods? Why do the religions of the world are centers of power and money and are the causative factor for major conflicts between peoples and the nations ? 

4. If there is a loving God who is in charge of every thing, as some of the ardent followers of some religions say, why is it that evil and violence seem to dominate this world instead of peace and goodness? Why is it that good people suffer and bad ones seem to prosper ?

5. What will happen when I die? Am I going to exist in another phase as a spirit entity to be judged for my good deeds or sins of this life? Am I going to be rewarded with a pleasureable heavenly life or a deplorable life in a hell? Am I going to have further re-births as animals, or men again and again? Or else am I just going to cease to exist any more ? Or am I going to exist as some impersonal atoms or energy ?

6. If my existence after death is doubtful, why should I care to live like a gentle man? Or shall I care for none and live just as I please enjoying my life to the full so long as it lasts?

7. The religionists tell about invisible gods, angels, ghosts and the like. Are these to be believed? If true, what are they for ? What do they do for me ? What is their role and relation in my life?

8. The scientists tell about the existence of trillions of stars and possibilities of planets like earth all separated by many many light years. What could be the possibility of life in those and if so is there any chance of knowing further about those ?

9. Scientists have explored and found out the electronic configuration of matter and are in search of the 'god particles'. What are they going to conclude after all?

10. Why is it that I keep thinking and my thoughts are not like the computers ?

11. I find spiritual leaders and god-men and god incarnations every where with thousands of  men and women following them blindly. What do they find in them ? What could be the reason for such phenomena?

12. I find religious frenzy every where. I find spiritually starved people every where. I find miracles taking place. I find religious coversions. I find people opposing all these every where. I also find thousands who just do not care about their religion. What and why is this happening like this ? 

There were much more. I had no answers. Those trying to answer these did not satisfy me. There were no convincing answers. Why, why and why ? What is my purpose of this life ? Why am I here ?

All these questions were before I found and read the Urantia Book. Now that I have read and start understanding this book, mysteries start unfolding. I am also realizing that whatever I know now is nothing and I have an adventure of knowledge pusuit waiting for me ahead.

So at last I found a book which tells the truth behind all those things what I wanted to know. 

The Urantia Book is such a treasure for those who happen to get to know about it. I happened to be one among a few fortunate ones in this world of 7000,000,000 odd individual personalities who got a chance to know it.

I could have kept it a secret. But my inner voice told me that I should share it with my fellow beings. Especially to my own country men from India. Because when I started reading this book, to my utter surprise I realized that hardly any one from my country ever heard of this book, even after this book has been in existence for the last over half a century.

My surprise was greater later when I realized that the numbers of people who have heard and read this book are much less in this world, even though this is an era of literary advancements.

That is the reason for my venturing into the creation of this web site dedicated to this great treasure of a book of the 20th century. It is meant for spreading the great knowledge revealed to human kind from sources hitherto never known.

This web site has been in existence since the beginning of 2009. This is not a commercial site, nor it is for any personal gains. It is for aiding those who are keen to gain the meaning of their lives to acquire such valuable information. This web site is one among the many such web sites that provides the valuable information about the Urantia Book and also the resources for online reading of it.

But, yes, that possibility exists for those who are keen and are driven by an innate desire to seek true knowledge which is could possibly transform their lives altogether.

This site got created by me-an ordinary Indian who happened to be intellectually and spiritually starved for years for truthful and convincing answers about many things.

Questions like what I have written above do take place in the minds of most people who are a bit inquisitive and are keen to know more about the meaning of their short lives in this world.

The scientists, philosophers, thinkers, preachers, explorers, historians are all inquisitive people who are led by the insatiable desire to find answers that keep troubling their minds. They keep trying to find answers in their own ways. But unfortunately, they have all limitations. Limitations of time, resources, background experience and the like. So their success in finding answers to critical questions about this world and concerning their lives comes in bits and pieces. Never comprehensive.

But we all can benefit immensely if we are taught by superior perosnalities who are more experienced and knowledgeable. In that case our efforts would be much less. If such knowledge is from a reliable and authentic source, the benefits would be much more.

But we still have another problem. How are we going to know that what we read and pursue is true ? This in reality is the major problem affecting the majority of people in this world.

The Urantia Book gives answer to that problem as well.

When I found the Urantia Book and began reading some pages of that book randomly, my immediate reaction was something which was overwhelming ! I just could not believe that there existed a book of this kind. It was so different from all the books I had read before that. My inner voice told me that this just cannot be written by any human being. I was just going to find out later that it was indeed like that.

Those engrossed in materialistic survival and materialistic pleasures of life may not have the time and intellectual excitement to seek for answers beyond their immediate concern.

The information contained in the Urantia Book and freely made available through this or any similar sites is not for them. This knowledge would only excite people who have an innate desire for truth.

This site came into existence as an immediate response when a spiritually and intellectually starved mind found the refreshing ' food for thought' . It was the result of this individual finding the truth and calling out 'Eureka' as Archemedis of Greece did centuries ago !

The long awaited mind refreshment was the Urantia Book ! An accidental exposure of some pages of this book instigating the 'starved' mind of the poor Indian wanderer in the world wide web !

If you are too curious and can't wait, just make a google search for the Urantia Book. You come across thousands of references and likely to get lost in confusion!

First, let me introduce myself and my tryst with the Urantia Book to you. 

I am from India having my academic background as a chemical engineer. I have been serving as a professional engineer with a very large government owned company in India for the last few decades.I was born in the Indian state of Kerala near about the time when the Urantia Book got printed in this world for the first time. ( You can know more about me by visiting my personal website www.rajan-c-mathew.htmlplanet.com )

The Urantia Book came to my notice quite accidentally. That was in 2008. I was browsing the internet in search of spiritual and philosophical viewpoints of learned men. I wanted to know how learned men and women of this century treat religion. I wanted to find out whether their views had any inclinations to my own ideas which I had been nurturing in my mind, for some years, though vaguely.

Let me admit this. I was not satisfied. There were ofcourse great wisdom here and there, marred by gross erroneous concepts and ideas, not satisfying my inner mind's curious probing. Same was true with the great religious holy books, and the great writings of great religious personalities.

Then, quite unexpectedly a page of the Urantia Book came to my notice. I was overwhelmed by the sheer and graceful authority of each of the sentence that I read ( I do not remember what was that I read that time) My mind told me that I am reading something different, different altogether from what I had been reading so far!

The immediate reaction was to find some more pages and read it. Yes, I found the entire book readable and downloadable on the internet after some search. I found that the book is called the Urantia Book and it is a huge, yes really huge, book originially written in English language and printed in 1955 in the USA. I found the book almost double the size of the entire Bible!

I wanted to know about its author. From the writing style I initially felt that it could be some great scientist or historian or philosopher. The Book appeared to be mysterious as it had mysterious names such as 'Machivenda Melchizedek' , ' Chief of Seraphim' , ' A Life Carrier Resident on Urantia', 'An Archangel', ' the Midwayer Commission', etc., etc., written on the various papers as the authors. No where any name of any human being was to be found associated with the production of the book!

The days that followed were spent partly in reading the book and partly in researching the origin of the book. Initially it was curiousity coupled with suspicion. As the days passed, suspicion gave way to conviction- a firm conviction that this book is a gift directly from God- an intelligent and all powerful God who is the First Source and Centre of all things in our universe.

As the reading progressed, great mysteries of life unfolded and I was learning the purpose of my life and my relation to the Almighty God. I began to appreciate the efforts made by the various orders of invisible super human personalities who authored the book as a Modern Day Revelation of God to we the people of earth, just as a reassuring measure from their side to enhance our confidence and faith in the existence of God and His purpose in our lives! 

Yes, the Urantia Book Reader community is growing. It is not a cult or a religion. It is estimated that there are about 5-6 million serious readers of this book now and every serious reader is likely to change to an enlightened personality guided by God's wisdom and direction with an understanding and faith enveloped in the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of humans- the Urantia Book understanding makes a person compassionate and sympathetic to all others, no matter what religion they follow or what religious understanding (or misunderstanding) they have!

I marvel at the way the Urantia Book explained the evolutionary struggles of India from the times life appeared on earth. Being an Indian, I was getting a great and unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the realities of the Indian society as it is existing and an authentic and detailed historical narration pin-pointing to the reasons of many of those unique characteristics of my countrymen hitherto mostly not well understood.  I don't have words to express it.

My brother/sister, take some time to read and understand the Urantia Book. Yes, you need to be a bit spiritually thirsty to seek God, a bit scientifically inquisitive, a little curious , literally equipped or comfortable with English, willing to read and intellectually somewhat above average, to appreciate it. Unfortunately, there are no translations of this great book in vernacular or Indian languages as of now.

I reproduce below a few statements from the Urantia Book, taken randomly from various papers of the book, where a reference to India is made. You need to read the paper in whole to appreciate the context and the real meaning the invisible authors want to convey us.

Please feel free to write to me and share your thoughts. You may use the Comments Page (see the link at the bottom of the left panel) for sharing your views and opinions and also to interact with me.

See below some quotes about India from the Urantia Book:

"Later on, most of these vegetarian tribes migrated to the east and survived as now admixed in the peoples of India."

"India is the only locality where all the [earth] races were blended, ......" Ancient India acted as a catch basin for the migrating races. The base of the peninsula was formerly somewhat narrower than now, much of the deltas of the Ganges and Indus being the work of the last fifty thousand years."

"When the later appearing Aryans entered India, they did not recognize in the Dravidians their Andite cousins submerged in the Sangik races, but they did find a well-advanced civilization.

Despite biologic limitations, the Dravidians founded a superior civilization. It was well diffused throughout all India and has survived on down to modern times in the Deccan."

Read this Rajan C Mathew's Blog which tells about the Roots of Indian Civilization from the revealed information given in the Urantia Book.


The Urantia Book is a fabulous book comprising of its Foreword followed by 196 subject papers depicting various topics covering the controlled evolution of the Universe, life, intelligence, religion , science, philosophy and spirituality, under the Supreme governence of the First Source and Centre called the Universal Father God who is Infinite beyond time and space. This Universal Father God is the source for everything in this vast grand Universe, whether living or non-living, seen or unseen, finite or infinite, perfect or imperfect and He is the Creator and the Benevelant Maintainer of all that He has been creating.

What is the process, principles, routines and the systems by which He does these activities ? To understand that is something beyond the capacity of finite mortal minds such as that of the human beings. However, this loving God also strives to make His creations towards perfection, power and goodness as He is, by various plans that He finds most appropriate.

The intelligence and the thinking power that we have are the gifts of God, so also are all other things we have. They are the 'talents' that He has endowed with us. He wants us to use these 'talents' and strive to enhance those inorder to achieve experiential wisdom and knowledge.

The Urantia Book tells us the details of God's plans, methods and policies about the creation and development of the millions and millions of worlds in the Grand Universe that came into existence due to Him or are still evolving. The depiction of the knolwedge is limited to our present day capacity to assimilate that. He wants us to use our intelligence to analyse and accept Him as our Unseen Creator Father and reciprocate His love by chosing a living that is in accordance with His plans, even when we are not in a position to see Him.

The Urantia Book does not contradict the present day religions, philosophy or science. It only tries to polish the concepts with divine wisdom commensurate with modern day knowledge that has been acquired by human beings.

The Book gives a great assurance to human beings about the wonderful and adventurous life after death after the initial few years of material life on urantia ( Urantia = the name given to identify our world, earth )

Urantia Book gives us an authentic picture of the history of earth and the mankind, beyond our present day historical or geographical knowledge, which otherwise we should have possessed. It tells us the background in which we had lost the culture, civilizations and historical truths about our home planet earth and reminds us about the existence of great civilisations that existed thousands of years earlier but lost track of those.

This marvellous book tells us about the development of religions and the fundamental reasons for evolution of religious beliefs and systems on earth. It narrates the evolution of the present day religions of Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Saurastrians, Parsis, Budhists, Jains, Sikhs and the Tribal animists and the fundamental guiding force behind the development of religious concepts and desire in the human mind.

The Book tells us about the wonderful spiritual gift of God to the minds of men and women of the worlds recognized by most religionists of the earth. The Indians recognized its existence and called this the 'Antar-atma' or soul or 'Mana-sakshi'. The Urantia Book defines and gives the authentic details of this fragment of God that resides in human beings as the Thought Adjuster or Thought Controller or Mystery Monitor and tells us in detail about the nature and purpose of this gift from God.

According to the Urantia Book, all human beings are brothers and sisters by virtue of the Fatherhood of the Creator God and should reflect God's prime character of Love in our actions and deeds for our spiritual and eternal development.

God wants us to be good, kind and compassionate to make our world of material origin a better place to live, for all of us, during our short lives as materially made mortals. He wants us to  learn experientially to develop as important personalities with good qualities driven by compassion, love, goodness , courage and knowledge capable of assuming higher responsibilites that he may assign us from time to time in our material life here on earth as well as on the lives that are awaiting us as a potential reward, in an everlasting and endless career even after our earthly bodies gets destroyed after our physical death here on our starting planet, Urantia or Earth as we know it. All those who lived according to the guidance of the inner consciousness or Thought Adjuster are going to have a glorious future life full of adventure and enriching experiences to transform as glorious finaliter personalities with capability and power to be in the presence of our Father God and to further live as His sons with some administrative authorities or functions to carry out in the worlds that are in the process of making in some future time.

The exact authorship of the book is a matter of debate. But the authors of the various subject papers of the Book either introduce themselves or give us some information about them. They tell that they are not of our mortal order or humans but are invisible but real divine personalities of various orders. This is something unbelievable to most people. But the content and presentation of the book vouch for its supernatural origin. Humans cannot have written or revealed such knowledge. Atleast this is the view expressed by many learned men who attempted to read this wonderful book.

So why don't you have a look into this marvellous book written by invisible personalities of high intelligence ?

If you have begun to read it, please share your feelings, either positive or negative, publicly through the 'dialogues and comments page' of this site.

I would also like you to read some urantia book inspired blogs here if you so desire !   

After reading the above quotes, if you feel a natural inquisitiveness, you should consider reading further...

To Read the Urantia Book Online Click the Picture on top Right. For downloading an e-copy of the Urantia Book with the Index as Zip files Click the Download Page.

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